DustbunnyVintage classic bags are the perfect accessories for your outfit, be it for a girl's night out or to a smart casual dinner event. However, it takes years of experience and knowledge, on material, stitching, designers, texture and more, to distinct them from the fakes and imitations – unless you visit Dustbunny of course.

The vintage purse and bag haven susses out and stocks vintage classics from the 1950's and the 1960's. Day purses, hippy purses, evening purses, play purses and mod purses, you name a style of your preference, they have it.

For the sentimental sorts, something that has a history would be extra valuable too. For example, the magazine clutch found at Dustbunny, made from magazine covers and camouflaged as such, was created as a preventive measure against snatch thieves common in the 1970's. Go for these timeless styles if you are looking at something that would last.

Blk 112 #01-203
Bukit Purmei Road
Singapore 090112

Opening hours
Weekdays 12noon - 8pm
Weekends 1pm - 6pm

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