Stevie General Store

Named after British poet Stevie Smith and American singer-songwriter Stevie Nicks, Stevie General Stores paddles antique and vintage items, handcraft ware, artisan jewelry, its own clothing label Philomel Clothing and more.

Expect to find ancient rings, even those studded with diamonds and opals, a Communist propaganda painting of Lenin, toffee tins, lamps, watches and more in here. Most part of this stash is plain random for they are the owners' collections over the years; the owners pride themselves and their roles as "responsible and sentimental beings in this fast-paced world".

Shoppers looking for one-of-its-kind objects or things with a story behind them as a gift, whether for himself or for a friend, will be likely to find something here in Stevie General Store. While the things in are pretty random, they generally follow the basic rule of being vintage and, more importantly, unique.

Stevie General Store
93 Club Street
Singapore 069461

Telephone (65) 6536 8590

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