Ling Wu

Ling_WuPython and leather bags are materials that can either go very wrong or look very classy and expensive. Here, local bad designer Ling Wu does well, creating python and leather bags that are functional with elegant grace, suitable for both day and night uses.

Crafted in an artisan workshop with each piece produced in limited numbers, Ling Wu Bags possess an understated beauty and classiness. On top of having a preference for python and leather materials, gathered leather and beaded tassels are also common fixtures on her works. Each bag also tells a story or the character of the bag as if it were a person.

Singaporean designer Ling completed a diploma in graphic design at LaSalle School of Design before graduating from the Central St Martin School of Design in London, where she developed her personal eclectic style.

Her thoughtful works may be found at selected stores in Singapore, Tokyo and New York such as Blackmarket and A Curious Teepee.

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