Worshippers of Hong Kong lifestyle brand Goods of Desire's (G.O.D) products will have much to cheer about with the opening of its first overseas store in Singapore at Central, Clarke Quay.

G.O.D products used to be found only in boutiques or multi-label stores here but will now stock a complete range of furniture, home and decor items, apparel and even kitchenware.

The tongue-in-cheek store is derived from the phonetic translation of the Cantonese words with the meaning of "to live better" and is evidently proud of its eastern heritage. Many of G.O.D's products play on Asian nostalgia by transforming old brands or motifs into modern products such as their Double Happiness series or a bean bag that looks like a Chinese chess piece.

Now that the brand has ventured into Singapore, it has a DelayNoMore sub-brand has churned out DelayNoMoreLah t-shirts and random gifts that are aimed at incorporating Singapore national identity too! Entertain yourself with the witty products at G.O.D now lah.

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