Hermes: The Gift of Time Luxury brand

Hermes celebrates the gift of time with an exclusive exhibition of its coveted products at Singapore's Tanjong Pagar Railway Station from 1 August through 12 August 2012.

Created by American artist Hilton McConnico, this travelling art Hermes exhibition makes its second stop in Singapore after debuting in West Kowloon, Hong Kong, before moving on to Lille, France.

Seven rooms of intriguing installations, each representing a notable journey of time in Hermes' history and showcasing various of the brand's famous classics, teases the five senses in a circular walkthrough. The first stop begins at "The Origin of Time" – going through "Free Time", "Time Suspended", "Time Balance", "Stroke of Time", "Imaginary Time", "The Gift of Time" – before ending at the first stop again.

Besides the visual feasts, a selection of pop up mini food stalls will be present at the exhibition too. Nostalgic snacks from Seng Choong Confectionery, artisanal popsicles from Popaganda, tidbits from Munch Munch and more will fill your rumbling tummies too.

The free admission exhibition, situated at 30 Keppel road, is open to the public from 11am to 9pm daily.

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