RaoulOne of Singapore's few homegrown fashion labels that have made it to the international scene, RAOUL creates affordable office and casual wear of great quality and comfort.

The highly successful brand has its beginnings in 2002 as a men's shirt label before expanding into a full collection of fashion line, including accessories and timepieces, for both males and females alike. In just a mere decade, the brand has 19 standalone boutiques all over the world, including US, Europe and the Middle East. Not only that, top celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence, Viola Davis and Zhang Ziyi have been seen in RAOUL.

The brand aims to create a classy wardrobe for the working men and women. Hence, its collection, though keeping up with the trends in the fashion world, emphasizes on sleek and sophistication suitable for the workplace. Pieces are usually clean and simple but with a touch of difference.

On home ground alone, there are several outlets including at Paragon, Raffles City and The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands. Check the outlets out, support and be proud of this Made in Singapore brand!

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