Looking high and low for something uniquely Singapore for a visiting friend or as a gift for a local who would be away for some time? LOVE SG would be the place to go.

A treasure trove of products with locally-inspired designs or by local designers, LOVE SG currently stores t-shirts, notebooks, luggage tags, badge sets and passport holders. These items usually sport slang that foreigners will not understand, or a purposeful grammatical error that would amuse only locals.

You may think what's the difference between LOVE SG t-shirts and those three for SGD10 pieces we see at pasar malams? First, there are much more designs. Second, the t-shirts are of good quality. Thirdly, there is also female cutting, not just the mass free size versions at the markets.

Prices range between SGD9.90 for a luggage tag to SGD29.90 for a t-shirt, and shoppers could purchase them online with the click of their mouse. However, if you would prefer to touch and feel the products before purchase, they may be found at various stockists including the Esplanade Shop, National Museum of Singapore, Asian Civilisations Museum, Singapore Art Museum and the Singapore Flyer.

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