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This Chinese New Year, instead of the usual love letters, go for the cookies beyond the usual flavors. Or, for Valentine's Day, check out the special flavors at My Lovebites along Joo Chiat road.

The little cookies boutique is so confident of their cookies that they offer free tastings at their store. We have got to agree, it's hard to step out without buying anything once you try the cookies!

And there are many: Milo Dino cookies, Tangy Lime cookies, Spicy MarMe cookies, Salted Caramel Butter cookies, Chai Tea & Cranberries cookies, Macadamia Crumble cookies, Earl Grey Tea & Almond cookies, Golden Maple Crunch cookies, Chocolate Hazelnut Latte cookies and even a pork floss Firecracker flavor for the Lunar New Year… You have got to give it to these guys for their creativity.

Our favourites were the Tangy Lime, which was savory with a bold touch of tangy sourness we really enjoyed, as well as the luxuriously sweet and rich Salted Caramel Butter cookies. It's a surprise they taste so good without any artificial additives or preservatives.

We also loved it that they have their cookies nicely packaged in silver foil packs thoughtfully equipped with a ziplock seal, which makes them great gifts, whether for a special occasion like Chinese New Year and Valentine's or simply as a door gift when visiting friends at their homes. Do note that My Lovebites will be closed on Valentine's day, so you will want to get your goodies a few days in advance!

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