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Most of us Singaporeans, or any citizens of space-constrained cities like New York, will scoff at the thought of giving gardening a hand. But, with the help of Click & Grow, this green dream can come to fruit now.

Growing a plant sounds easy. Just give it water, light and minerals, then delight in its daily development. Isn't it so? Well, those who don't happen to have green fingers but who have given it a try will let you know that's not true. The wrong amounts of any of the above mentioned ingredients or an infestation of bugs would render all your effort wasted.

With little sensors, these electronic pots of plants gauge the correct amount of water and nutrients required with the aid of a phone application. You need only find the pot a suitable spot with the right bath of sunlight, refill the little reservoir once in awhile or the pot gives warning blinks (red for a change of battery and blue for water refill).

There's a wide variety such as mini tomato, chilli pepper, cockscomb, basil, sugar leaf, thyme, lamb's ear and many more. At just SGD80 for a starter's kit and about SGD10 for a new plant variety refill pack, Click & Grow is an awesome gift for all those budding cooks you know. Purchasing is just as easy, click and buy at Blooming in the City (link below) and your plant will be delivered right to your doorstep.

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