ThinkGeek is an online retailer founded in 1999 and based in America. Their merchandises cater to fat, pimply, pizza-eating gamers, hot gamer chicks, losers who spend most of their pay check collecting Star Wars figurines, pompous douchebags, nerds desperately trying to be cool but are going about it the wrong way, your father suffering from a mid-life crisis, your mother going through menopause, your friend’s bratty, spoilt kids, the U.S. President, and basically everybody else.

Majority of the products are heavily influenced from pop-culture and internet-culture. They offer all sorts of interesting stuff from useless crap like their Bacon Air Freshener to critical items like their SOG Tactical Tomahawk crucial to have on hand when the zombie apocalypse arrives.

Item Recommendations:

telescope ring

Isn’t it frustrating when you are physically stalking your ex and taking down notes, when she goes to a ticketing booth and purchases movie tickets and you can’t tell what movie she is going to watch because you forgot to bring your binoculars? Yeah, it happens to even the best of us. With this handy-dandy, foldable telescope ring, you won’t have to panic about losing sight of that ex that you are stalking.


Check out that sexy little axe! There are 2 types of people in the world; the sensible kind that will prepare for the outbreak of zombies, and the morons who will become zombie food. If you’re a fan of keeping all your body parts to yourself, invest in this. You will look like a badass wielding this and slaying zombies.


A little pet bunny without all that fur, mess, and poop that you sometimes mistake for raisins. Think of Karotz as a robot rabbit that serves to entertain you. Though I am not sure if you can return the merchandise if it was to rebel against humans and plot on taking over the world.


A little cube projects a laser keyboard for your iPhone or iPad. We don’t really know why we want this, because there’s something that makes more sense which is called a laptop. But this is something new and different, so we have to have it!

stardial sundial

When technology fails, there is always the old fashion way to get things done. Use the sundial in the day and the stardial at night to tell the time without electricity, gears, other technology, or psychic-ability. There’s no school like the old school.

Even if you don’t intend to buy anything, it is still a fun website to view from time to time to check out the new, innovative items they come up with.

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