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Pufffy Handmade Badges Minions Despicable Me Singapore
Pufffy specializes in creating exquisite handmade badges exclusive only to them.
Every single piece of Pufffy’s quintessential badges is lovingly hand-drawn on plastic and sealed with a kiss and varnish. They are so cute that you just have to have it!
Pufffy Handmade Customized Badges Gifts Singapore
Pufffy is the brainchild of three fun-loving sisters that opened its online doors on 21 February 2013. Initially retailing accessories stocked from all around the globe, the three creative-minds got bored with mass-marketed products. They refused to settle for the same-old, mediocre, shoddy-quality junk being retailed everywhere else to customers who are none the wiser. They believe that their customers deserve better than that.
Pufffy Handmade Customized Badges Gifts Singapore
Rolling their eyes at the less than desired mass-marketed products, they rolled up their sleeves and got cracking on creating something special for their much beloved customers. Thus was the birth of their signature badges no bigger than 20-cent coins.
Pufffy Handmade Customized Badges Gifts Singapore
Handmade with an abundance of love, sincerity and dedication, Pufffy’s exclusive badges do not compromise on quality. Every design is tediously mulled over before it is presented to the public and into eager customers’ hands.
Pufffy Handmade Customized Badges Gifts Singapore
The badges are sold as individual pieces ($3 - $4.50) or in sets ($6.50 - $18). They can be pinned onto any fabric or paper materials, which make excellent choices as ornaments for clothes, letters, cards or gift-wraps for that extra special touch. Or you can simply give them away by themselves as gifts for they come along in such brilliantly adorable packaging.
Pufffy Handmade Customized Badges Gifts Singapore minions
Pufffy also accepts customizations of designs upon request. If you are looking for little gifts to give away to a mass of people, look no further! For a small sum, you can have badges designed accordingly to your specifications to hand out as door gifts, graduation gifts, or corporate gifts. Email Pufffy at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for enquiries.
Pufffy Handmade Customized Badges Gifts Singapore tshirts
Besides the coveted badges, Pufffy also retails t-shirts for men specially designed by KSAWE and made in Singapore titled “My Sweet Baby” collection which comes in 4 different designs; adventurer, chef, dancer, and racer. This would make a sweet gift from a girlfriend to her boyfriend depending on his character and personality.
The talented sister trio seems like they are in it not for the money, but mainly to fulfil a burning creative passion and customer satisfaction. Demand for these cutesy badges is rapidly increasing with people’s relentless pursuit for good-quality, exclusive items. In a world of cloned products being churned out by the millions in dusty, grimy factories, Pufffy’s handmade badges that are so thoughtfully created in the warm, happy home of the three sisters is like a breath of fresh air and a ray of sunshine.
10 Exclusive FreshGrads.Sg × Pufffy.com Badges Up For Grabs!
In lieu of our nation's upcoming 48th birthday and to celebrate our wonderful partnership with the lovely ladies at Pufffy.com, we are giving away 10 adorable badges featuring the merlion cheerfully wearing a graduation cap. These badges are only limited to 10 pieces and are not for sale or reproduction at Pufffy.
FreshGrads Pufffy Badge limited edition
With only 10 of these hand-made worldwide, don't miss your chance to snag one of them now! Here's how:
1. Like both FreshGrads.Sg and Pufffy Facebook pages.
2. Like and share this post.
3. Leave a comment with your opinion on handmade products.
4. 10 lucky winners will be chosen by 6 August 2013!
Contest commences on 28 July 2013 and 10 winners will be announced on our facebook wall on 6 August 2013, please stay tuned to our page to find out whether you have won.
Good luck!
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All photos belong to Pufffy.

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