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Pufffy Mini Zoo 2
Pufffy has unveiled a brand new installation of exquisite badges that is bound to get your squeal motors churning at full speed! Let us take you back to the zoo of cuteness overload!
We are proud to present 9 more adorable additions to Pufffy's little zoo. Pufffy's Zoo is one of a kind; the animals you are about to see have all been created from the love and dedication of 3 talented Pufffettes for you to adopt and bring home. These hand-made pin-sized critters can't wait to meet you. Won't you at least take one of them home?
1. Paws the Bengal Cat
Cat Pufffy Mini Zoo Animal Badges
This little kitty cat craves for the affection of a human companion. Paws will meow and purr her way into your heart and there she will stay. You can trust her never to stray far, and she will always be a whisker away from you.
2. Hotdog the Dachshund
Dog Pufffy Mini Zoo Animal Badges
Hotdog the loyal puppy will follow you as fast and as far as his stubby little legs can keep up. Always cheerful, once this faithful canine develops a bond with you, he will love you unconditionally and will go the extra mile just to see you smile.
3. Pipsqueak the Mouse
Mouse Pufffy Mini Zoo Animal Badges
Pipsqueak is a tiny, timid mouse with a heart as wide and as deep as the ocean. She only wishes that you can open yours to let her in with open arms.
4. Gumdrop the Koala Bear
Koala Bear Pufffy Mini Zoo Animal Badges
This little furball can cling on to anything and curl up to sleep anywhere, but Gumdrop is the happiest when he is tucked up tight with you.
5. Mystery the Fox
Fox Pufffy Mini Zoo Animal Badges
Does the fox say “ring-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding” or “wa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pow”? Only Mystery will know. Mystery is full of secrets but the one thing she will never keep from you is how much she yearns to be yours.
6. Quakers the Duck
Duck Pufffy Mini Zoo Animal Badges
Quakers' favorite fairytale is “The Ugly Duckling” and sometimes he wishes that he was the ugly duckling in the story so that he could grow up to become a magnificent swan. What he doesn't know is that many people already love him the way he is, and he needs your tender loving care and heaps of breadcrumbs to realize that.
7. Bacon the Teacup Piglet
Pig Pufffy Mini Zoo Animal Badges
Bacon is a sweet, little, round piglet who enjoys being close to you as much as she loves pigging out. She will squeal in delight at the sight of you and come bouncing right to your side. Bacon is so adorable you will feel like eating her up!
8. Snowy the Polar Bear
Polar Bear Pufffy Mini Zoo Animal Badges
From the frozen tundra comes Snowy who will not fail to brighten up your day! Though he originates from freezing regions, his sunny disposition will warm the cockles of your heart!
9. Gracie the Giraffe
Giraffe Pufffy Mini Zoo Animal Badges
Towering above all the animals in Pufffy's zoo is Gracie the gentle giant. This giraffe will amble gracefully along with you, all the while sticking her neck out and keeping an eye out for you.
These 9 animal badges from Pufffy's Mini Zoo 2 collection are available for your picking now! They will most definitely attract attention and capture hearts wherever you choose to pin them to. Just remember never to mistreat them for they would be very sad indeed. From Paws the Bengal Cat to Gracie the Giraffe, they all have different personalities, but one thing they share in common is that they would like to go home with you.
Pufffy's Mini Zoo 2 Contest!
Here's a wonderful opportunity to bring home these animals from Pufffy's zoo! We will be giving away 9 different badges to 3 lucky winners! Each winner will receive 3 random animal badges to share among his/her friends. Here's how to take part in the contest to win these lovable critters:
1. Like both FreshGrads.Sg and Pufffy Facebook pages.
2. Like, share and tag 2 friends in this photo.
3. Leave a comment saying “I love Pufffy's Zoo!” or your own opinion on Pufffy's new collection.
Winners would be selected at random, and they will each have 3 animal badges sent to their house to share with their 2 friends they tagged in the photo. So the more you tag your friends, and the more your friends tag you, the higher the chances of winning!
Contest commences on 4th October 2013 and ends on 18th October 2013. The winners' names will be announced on FreshGrads' Facebook page so stay tuned to find out! Good luck!
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