10 Great Gift Ideas For Cat-Lovers

Kitten christmas
Cats – one of the Internet's major obsessions. If you have yet to do your Christmas shopping, here are 10 last minute shopping ideas for any of your cat-lover friends or family members. If you are a cat-lover yourself, well then you can be prepared to add all of these to your next year's Christmas wishlist... or you can just buy them all for yourself.
1. A Cat
cat for christmas
Let me just make this clear first that I am in NO WAY condoning getting a cat or any other animals for that matter as a gift. Animals are not toys and they are a life-time commitment. DO NOT give your friends a cat no matter how much they really love cats. Getting a cat for Christmas is only fine if you have already been very deeply deliberating over introducing a cat into the family, have discussed it with your family members, and they have all collectively agreed upon it. Only then would it be a fantastic Christmas for all of you and the cat. It is after all, a very magical time of the year to welcome a feline family member into your house. Also, please adopt from local animal shelters and save a life rather than buying.
2. Necomimi
Necomimi when translated simply means “Cat Ears”. It is an adorable Japanese invention that picks up on your brainwaves and the cat ears you wear on your head will move accordingly to how you are feeling. It does not really have a very functional purpose, but it is super cute!
I have seen these retailing in Singapore comic book/anime stores for above $100, you can find the authorized dealers in Singapore here, or you can purchase them online here.
3. Soft Singing Kitty Plush
Soft Kitty Plush
It's not just one of your run-of-the-mill kitty plushies, it is a SINGING KITTY plushie! If you are familiar with The Big Bang Theory, you would know that Soft Kitty is Sheldon's favorite lullaby for when he's sick. When you press the kitty's paw, it sings “Soft kitty, warm kitty. Little ball of fur. Happy kitty, sleepy kitty. Purr, purr purr.”
Buy it here!
4. Kitty Coin Bank
Kitty coin bank
This is a mechanic kitty coin bank where you place your coin the stipulated location and a kitty will pop out to retrieve it!
Buy it here!
5. Cat Ukelele
cat ukelele
Ukeleles are cute and whimsical! What's better than that is of course, a cat ukelele!
But it here!
6. Grumpy Cat Plush
grumpy cat plush
We all have that one Scrooge-like friend who hates Christmas for absolutely no reason at all. If that friend so happens to like cats, especially the Grumpy cat meme, this plush would be perfect for him/her. Grumpy cat would have to approve with this one. Perfect if you were to give this plush with a card going “Ho Ho, No.”
Buy it here!
7. Black Cat Earrings
black cat earrings
Black cats dangling from your earlobes. Enough said.
But it here!
8. Cat Hoodie
cat hoodie
Stay warm and cute on those chilly days!
Buy it here!
9. Amaro Kitty Dress
cat dress
A kitty dress for the fashionista! A touch of girly innocence with a peek of flesh. Mrawr!
Buy it here!
10. Hungry Cat Pouch
cat pouch
This little kitty is hungry for any handy items you would love to feed him! But he is not selfish and would willingly regurgitate it up for you if you require it again!
Buy it here!
That's all you crazy cat lovers! Go on and get shopping for a cat-rific Christmas!
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