Das Can-in-Stein

Das Can-in-Stein
With Oktoberfest just around the corner, you might want to acquire one of these babies to outdo and outdrink your friends. Not only does the Das Can-in-Stein sound totally awesome, it looks incredibly bad-ass as well.
What you do is you simply slip your standard sized drink can into the Das Can-in-Stein which makes it look like you are drinking from a pewter tankard. The pewter-look resin scaffold holds the standard beer can (not tall cans) and has a hinged lid with an appropriately positioned thumb lever that is easy to operate with a single hand.
This will prevent your beer from warming up too fast from the heat of your hand, so always remember to hold it by the handle. Beer is heavenly when it is ice-cold, but nothing makes you gag like warm beer does. And since there is a lid, you can stop worrying about random insects flying into your drink and you accidentally gulping it down.
At just US$10, this product is definitely a bargain especially when you can experience Oktoberfest every day and consume the nectar of the Gods in style.
Check out the video of Das Can-in-Stein below.
Buy the Das Can-in-Stein at ThinkGeek here!

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