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Christmas and New Year are just around the corner, and we're sure that many of you are pumped to finally let loose after a stressful year and party the night away during this festive season. Most of you party veterans are probably well aware of how virtually impossible it is to get a cab after celebrating Christmas or the New Year out in town, so the best bet is to have a house/hotel party where your guests can crash for the night. But the problem with house parties is that there is a limited supply of alcohol, and once it finishes, so does your fun. Meet your salvation: Asher BWS.
Asher BWS is an alcohol delivery company that offers a wide selection of beer, wine, and spirits. So instead of going to a supermarket and lugging back multiple fragile bottles of alcohol for your party, let Asher BWS do all the heavy lifting for you. To make that deal even sweeter, Asher BWS alcohol prices are way more affordable compared to that of other retail stores, so you get more bang for your buck.
Planning a party is tedious and frustrating, most of the time when you invite people, they won't confirm whether or not they will be able to attend, and will procrastinate in giving you a definitive answer. You would have to chase them either for a Yes or a No so you could plan how much food and drinks you have to get, and then fret about looking for an affordable yet good caterer, and on top of that, make a trip or multiple trips down to a store to get drinks. Well, how about you skip the last part, since you already have so much stuff to worry about, and get your drinks conveniently delivered to you from Asher BWS?
Just imagine, you don't have to waste all that unnecessary time traveling to a retail store, buying over-priced alcohol, fighting the queues, carrying all those cases of beers till your arms threaten to give way and spending money on petrol and parking when you can stock up on your alcohol mana from the comfort of your home via internet or a phone call. It's every alcoholic's dream!
You don't have to go around scouring the shelves at the local supermarket looking for the right drinks to satisfy your guests' tastebuds. Asher BWS carries everybody's poison of choice. For the beer lovers, select from cases of Kronenbourg Blanc to Erdinger Weissbier. For the classy wine drinkers, maybe a couple of bottles of Brown Brothers Moscato, Chauteau Petrus or  Dom Perignon will delight your guests. To crank your party up a notch, you could choose from a variety of spirits like Hennessy XO, Martell VSOP, Belvedere Vodka, Kakubin Suntory Whisky, or Johnnie Walker Blue Label. The extensive alcohol list just goes on and on, you and your party guests will be absolutely spoiled for choice.
Everyone smart enough is probably going to have the same idea to schedule an alcohol delivery on the day of their party, so if you want fast, cheap and convenient alcohol delivered to your doorstep for your party, you better hop to it and place your order as soon as possible. Simply go to the website, browse through the list of available alcohol, place them in your cart and click check out. After which, you would have to key in the address you would like your purchase to be delivered to and choose the date and time slot for the delivery.
There are 4 available time slots from 12pm to 3pm, 3pm to 6pm, 6pm to 9pm, and 9pm to 11pm. Same day delivery can also be arranged specially for you if you call them at 68488555. Delivery is available to all corners of Singapore and the best part is that it is FREE if your order is over $100, any amount lower than that is just $7! If you don't feel safe about making the payment online, you can always select the option of paying with cash upon delivery.
As though the insanely low prices and convenience of Asher BWS delivery isn't awesome enough, Freshgrads' readers get a special 10% discount for all items on Asher BWS! Quote FRESHGRADS in the coupon code bar upon check out and you will be entitled to the generous discount.
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