Revolutionary New Panties Eliminates The Use of Pads & Tampons

Every girl's worst nightmare in secondary school is staining their school uniforms when they are on their period. The embarassment that comes with it is so intense that it will make you feel like transferring to a different school to avoid all the teasing from school mates who have witnessed it. A new revolutionary product has surfaced that will eliminate this embarrassing problem, eradicate period staining and leakage and change the way we menstruate forever.
Imagine not having to worry about period stains ever. Twin sisters Radha and Miki Agrawal and friend Antonia Dunbar have figured out a way to make this dream a reality. Their invention THINX, is a self-absorbing, washable, leak-proof underwear that replaces the need for tampons and sanitary pads.
The THINX team
This is probably the best invention ever since sliced bread. Not only does this make life a whole lot easier for us ladies who constantly fret about keeping track of our dates to prevent embarrassing situations, period leakage due to the shifting of sanitary pads, and having to run to departmental stores to stock up on tampons and pads; it is also great news for a large population of women who do not have regular access to female hygiene products.
Travelling will be made a lot easier and lighter with THINX panties. Instead of having to run out to a convenience store in a foreign country and playing charades with the store assistant because of the language barrier, you can just slip one of these babies on and enjoy the rest of your vacation.
The technology involved in creating these special panties consists of four different layers. The first is a moisture-wicking layer that will keep you feeling dry even when you've had a spill. The second is an anti-microbial layer that fights bacterial with an invisible silver treatment. The third is the absorbent layer that retains the liquid. Last but not least is the fourth layer which is leak resistant, making sure that even your whitest of skirts are safe.
I can't gush enough over the abundance of advantages of the THINX panties. Ladies typically tend to wear ratty, ugly and unsightly granny panties when they are on their period so that their good ones won't run the risk of getting stained from leakages (which happens A LOT, if I may add), but THINX panties are designed not only to absorb period blood, they also look good and will make you feel sexy. Most ladies will agree with me that they feel their worse at the time of the month from all that bloating and the ickiness that comes from having their period, having to put on granny panties with a pad stuck on doesn't help either, but the THINX panties will give your confidence a huge boost with its highly appealing styles.
The panties come in two basic colors; nude and black, with three different designs dedicated to different types of flows. There is the THINX Thong which holds up to ½ tampon worth and retails at $24, the THINX Cheeky which holds up to 1 tampon worth and retails at $29, and finally the THINX Hiphugger which holds up to 2 tampons worth and retails at $34.
From left to right: Highugger, Cheeky, Thong
These prices are all in USD, so when you convert it to your country's currency, it might tend to lean towards the pricier side. However, in the long run, they do end up saving you an awful lot of money otherwise spent buying pads and tampons on a monthly basis and replacing stained underwear. And we ladies are all quite painfully aware of how expensive our female hygiene products are. According to instructions, the panties can be machine washed on the cold cycle setting, of course after a recommended hand-rinse, you won't want to be staining the rest of your clothes in the washing machine. You will actually be excited for your next period to try these revolutionary panties on!
Buy THINX panties here and revolutionize the way you have your period! You save 10% when you purchase 3 panties or more; 15% when you purchase 5 panties or more; and 20% when you purchase 7 panties or more. With every pair of panties that you buy from THINX, the company will send donations to their partner organization, AFRIpads, in Uganda. AFRIpads trains women to sew and sell washable, reusable cloth pads, turning local women into entrepreneurs. In turn, this helps the women in developing countries learn how to deal with their periods and are able to go out to study or work even when it is their time of the month.
Check out THINX's video below.
Information Source: THINX

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