Sneaky Cards – Play It Forward, Sneakily!

sneaky cards
You’ve heard the term “pay it forward”, but a card game is bringing a twist to it by asking players to “play it forward” instead. The aim, however, is the same – to spread cheer and goodwill to others.
Here’s how it works:
Basically, you purchase a set of Sneaky Cards – and they are like any other game cards, really – and do what the card says. That’s about it.
sneaky cards
The beauty is in the task which you must perform, but they are not onerous or difficult, although they may require you to step out of your comfort zone at times. And that is also the point – that we sometimes are so stuck in our own shell that even when we want to do something good or nice for someone else, we are afraid to take even a half step out of that shell.
So, maybe taking part in a game to do this will help lessen or release that innate fear.
sneaky cards
It’s like challenging yourself to an adventure, as the game’s website says:
“Your mission, should you choose to accept it: become a secret agent of joy, spreading art and intrigue to an unsuspecting public. Inside this box is an interactive scavenger hunt that inspires creativity and rewards audacity: Take a selfie with a stranger, give an anonymous gift, become a flash mob of one.”
So, you may ask, what’s so sneaky about all this? And indeed, why should this be sneaky at all?
Well, it is to do something good, nice or fun for someone else without being seen as doing that, so that it is the act of goodness which gets the attention and not the person doing it.
sneaky cards
It is also, as Upworthy says, to remind everyone “that random daily moments and interactions with strangers can be a lot of fun.”
So, you may be asked to give someone an extra tip for his or her good service, or you may be asked to hand a card to that someone who just made you smile – and he or she in turn will have to hand that card to another who made them smile. Or it may simply be something fun – like hiding a card and getting the person who finds it to do the same.
And since you can also register your cards online as you play, you may even track where you card is going, even if it is in another country!
sneaky cards
So, your one good deed may end up inspiring or prompting others in another country eventually to repeat that good deed.
All in all, it is pretty simple and quite an interesting game!
If the cards are not available in your country, you can print them out and get going!
Download the free print and play version of the cards here:
The game was started in in 2009 by then-16-year-old Harry Lee and developed further and made available by game developer Cody Borst. Described as a game of random acts of kindness, Sneaky Cards really is about reaching out and being just a little more brave to do a little bit more good.
And that can’t be a bad thing. 

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