The World's Best Travel Bra Lets You Keep Your Valuables Comfortably In It

bra with pockets
It was just a couple of months ago that I remarked to my boyfriend how it would be awesome if someone came up with a bra with all sorts of fitted pockets for valuables to be stored. And I can't be any happier that my wish is now a reality. A Kickstarter campaign dubbed the World's Best Travel Bra promises to make your vacations a whole lot safer and comfortable while giving you the peace of mind that your valuables are secured on your person at all times.
I wished for a bra with all sorts of pockets the previous time I travelled abroad as I was handing over all my valuables to my boyfriend for safekeeping. We don't trust leaving our money, passports and prized posessions in the hotel room, and it definitely is not safe keeping thousands of dollars in your wallet that can be easily pickpocketed on busy streets. I refused to wear a fanny pack underneath my clothes as it will make my abdomen look distended and weird, and I didn't want to compromise on style.
bra with pockets
The hidden pocket holds jewelry or USB.
So when I first heard about The Travel Bra on Kickstarter, I got really excited and immediately pledged for one. It is not exactly a very provocative bra that you would wear for sexy times, but it does its job of being functional, discreet and useful for vacations. It essentially looks like a sports bra, so there is definitely some clothing styles that you would be limited to.
bra with pockets
Stash cash in your Travel Bra. 
The idea is NOT about looking like a hooker who fishes cash out of her bra to purchase items. Instead of stuffing all your cash into your bra, you can put some into your wallet, so in the eventuality of a pickpocketing case or robbery, you still have most of your money and your personal documents. If you blow all your money in your wallet from a shopping spree, you can simply go to a toilet and take out a little bit more from your bra.
bra with pockets
Drop-down passport holder folds back up under the bra band when not in use. 
The Travel Bra is a full support bra specially engineered by a lingerie designer who has been in the business of lingerie designing for more than a decade. There is no hook and eye to dig in to your back while seated on a bus or plane, it is designed to have wide shoulder straps and wide arm holes that won't cut in to you by the end of a long day, soft bindings, no scratchy labels, soft strong mesh racer-back with plenty of support, and sewn with flat seam stitching. It is made from organic cotton and 70% bamboo fabric. It is anti-microbacterial so it can go a little longer between washes which really matters a lot when you travel. It's wickable like wool but soft to the touch and on the skin. It's cool in hot climates, machine-washable and very breathable.
bra with pockets
The side mesh pockets secure credit cards or hotel room key. 
The Travel Bra features a USB key holder on both straps which can also be used for small items of jewelry, money pockets on both sides of the bust, a drop-down mesh passport pocket which folds up when not in use, and card pockets on the sides of the bra. Early bird prices start from US$45 and it comes in two colors – black with blue accents and red with black accents.

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