No More Frustration with Hands-Full Running!

If you are one of those who have been frustrated by having to keep your hands full while you exercise, well there is finally help. Those of us who regularly exercise sometimes have to hold on to keys, cash, cards and all sorts of assorted basic necessities while we try to get in shape at the same time. Of course, there is also the ubiquitous sight of runners, for example, holding on to their smart phones while trying to run the mile or two.
You could get a regular waist pouch or waist bag and keep your valuables with you. But this often results in discomfort as you move. The pouch is a clunky and clumsy obstacle too, and you would be more distracted than helped.
By the end of the run, you would have chafed skin, or even blisters. Not a pretty thing.
Enter the running belt, specially designed for the active sportsperson and traveller. 
While it has not quite caught here in Singapore yet, it seems to have created quite a buzz in the States, where it was first created.
A Colorado-based company sought, in 2012, to solve this nagging problem which most runners faced – how to keep their hands free while being active in sports or during workouts.
With an investment of just USD$10,000, the company came up with the Flipbelt. 
At a runner’s expo, the company introduced the belt – and it sold out quickly.
"It sold out practically immediately," said Mia Do, product developer and co-founder of FlipBelt. "[People] were so excited about it. Finally they can have something they can actually run with."
And that is no boast.
By 2014, the company was raking in USD$4 million a year.
The Flipbelt is comfortable, being made of spandex/lycra and polyester. It does not have sharp edges like regular waist pouches sometimes do; and it provides added security too, given the way it is supposed to be worn.
You slip it on, as you would a pair of shorts. You insert your belongings, such as smart phones, ear phones, credit cards, cash, keys, etc, and then you flip the belt outside-in. (Hence the name.)
The belt does not bounce around, keeping your valuables snug and extremely comfortable. You do not even notice you are wearing the belt.
Because it is elastic or stretchable, it fits nicely to the contours of your body as well, giving you that ease of movement.
But there is a catch – the Flipbelt is not cheap.
It sells for about USD$30 to USD$44 (inclusive of customised water bottles). That is pretty steep for a running belt.
Click here for the Flipbelt website.
There are, however, cheaper versions which are just as good quality. They are also made from the same material of polyester and lycra/spandex.
They also come in various selection of sizes and colours, and have the qualities of elasticity and durability. 
But do keep in mind that stretch as the belts may, there are limits to how big an item can be inserted. (In any case, why would you want to be carrying big bulky clumsy items while running or exercising? The belt is made for smaller necessities.)
The belts fit most smart phones, including the iPhone 6 and 6s and most Samsung phones. 
If you want to check out more information, click here, and remember to consult the size chart for your fitting.
Now, you can really focus on the things which are important while getting in shape.
And oh, the belt is also good for when you go travelling or for any outdoor (or indoor) activities. So, it is really multi-functional.
See you on the tracks – hands-free!

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