Aircon Watch: Singaporeans Really Need This Air-Conditioning Watch That Keeps You Cool All Day Long

aircon watch
With the sweltering heat wave that Singapore experiences all year round, this new invention will probably be every Singaporeans’ holy grail. Introducing the Aircon Watch – which is basically exactly what it says it is; a watch that functions as a portable air-conditioner. Where has it been all our lives?
With the use of “ClimaCon” technology, the Aircon Watch is able to detect the surrounding climate and emit an influx of warm or cool sensations directly into the wearer’s wirst, which will regulate the entire body’s temperature, helping the wearer to stay cool in a hot climate or warm in a cold climate.
aircon watch
The inventors of Aircon Watch claim that humans can “change the signal that our nervous system sends to the brain by using the Aircon Watch to generate pulses of heat or cold. By this method, we can trick our brains into thinking that we are cooler or warmer than we really are.”
Apparently, the “magic” of this ingenious gadget lies within the straps. A small device installed in the strap of an Aircon Watch contains the ClimaCon technology. “This tiny device will fit on the inner wrist in an area where the nerves are closer to the skin surface so as to allow for maximum transfer of temperature,” the company alleges.
aircon watch
Instead of relying on the smart technology that detects the surrounding climate and emits blasts of cold/hot pulsations accordingly, you can also personally set the watch to control your desired temperature. The display screen with its three simple buttons makes the watch extremely user-friendly. The straps are easily interchangeable so you can customize the watch to suit any outfit. In addition to keeping yourself in the optimal temperature, the watch also does what every other good digital watch does – it indicates the time and date.
So this watch does not function exactly like an air-conditioner would in sending blasts of warm or cool air, it works by sending the heat or the chill into your skin. Whether it really works or not is anyone’s guess, but so far it has successfully raised a whooping HK$2,320,666 (SG$403,850) on Kickstarter, and the company has gone on to list the campaign on Indiegogo, where it has already garnered over SG$500,000 in pledges and the numbers are still growing by each day.
aircon watch
You can pre-order an Aircon Watch on Indiegogo now at just US$79 (SG$107.25) to ensure you are one of the few to own the hottest (or coldest, depending on your preference) tech gadget in the market.

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