Go Nuts Over SK Jewellery x Peanuts Adorable Gold & Diamond Collection

sk jewellery x peanuts
Everyone's favorite cartoon beagle, whose ragtag group of friends have filled your childhood with tons of laughter, entertainment and inspiration, is stepping into the spotlight and enthralling its audience with an exquisite 999 Pure Gold and diamond jewellery collection from SK Jewellery. Meet Snoopy, Woodstock, Charlie Brown and the rest of the beloved Peanuts squad as they jump out from the comics and materialize in the form of dazzling gold coins, gold bars, gold notes and diamond jewellery!
The exclusive Peanuts collection is launched just in time to herald the Year of the Dog in 2018, according to the Chinese Zodiac.
sk jewellery x peanuts
As the Peanuts character, Lucy van Pelt, once said in the world renowned comic strip, “Happiness is a warm puppy”. We couldn't agree more. Besides Snoopy's adorable appearance, his optimistic personality, insatiable sense of adventure, unbridled imagination and big dreams have captured the hearts of Peanuts fans world wide.
sk jewellery x peanuts
The cartoon beagle's laudable traits are manifested in the comprehensive SK Jewellery x Peanuts collection. The collection seeks to inspire one to have the courage to dream big and turn dreams into reality with a scintillating diamond pendant glittering between the clavicle, a dainty white gold ring shimmering from a finger, understated white gold earrings gleaming from the earlobes, and luxurious gold coins, gold bars and gold notes adorning the house, always there serving as beautiful reminders to embrace Snoopy's courageous, adventurous and ambitious spirit.
Purest Blessings with Peanuts 999 Pure Gold Keepsakes
Many Asian ethnic groups have long treasured yellow-gold since ancient times as it is considered auspicious, and regarded as a symbol of success, prosperity and wealth. With Chinese New Year just around the corner, SK Jewellery presents meaningful 999 Pure Gold Peanuts keepsakes that symbolize blessings to loved ones. The range makes perfect gifting option for all occasions, not only due to its captivating designs, but because 999 Pure Gold – the purest of gold – represents the absolute purest of well-wishes.
sk jewellery x peanuts
Snoopy 999 Pure Gold Coin Ang Pow
The rich, deep-yellow and lustrous gold coin beautifully contrasts against the crimson red packet. The Snoopy 999 Pure Gold Coin Ang Pow comes in five fun and charming designs, focusing on five popular Chinese New Year blessings; for health (健健康康), happiness (快快乐乐), festive joy (喜气洋洋), peace (平平安安), and progress (天天向上). These Gold Coin-embedded ang pows are designed to be gifted in place of the traditional red packets as a meaningful keepsake for children and the young-at-heart. The Gold Coins will spur them on to embrace Snoopy's heartwarming values for embracing adventure and pursing dreams.
sk jewellery x peanuts
999 Pure Gold Snoopy Gold Notes
SK Jewellery introduces 999 Pure Gold Snoopy Gold Notes for the very first time. The Gold Notes are masterfully laminated to replicate the texture and feel of a real paper-bill note. They are available in ten packaging designs, and feature beautiful splashes of color with the characters printed in high definition achieved by state-of-the-art laser technology that injects eye-catching bursts of hues. The Gold Notes perfectly capture the joie de vivre of the lovable characters, and the wonderful friendship among the close-knitted group. Meaningfully crafted with words of well-wishes, the Gold Notes wonderfully encapsulate the giver's warm wishes of happiness for the recipient.
 sk jewellery x peanuts
999 Pure Gold Snoopy Bars
Peanuts fans who are more accustomed to SK Jewellery's crowd-pleasing range of hefty Gold Bars will be delighted to know that the jeweler carries two different 999 Pure Gold Snoopy Bars, both featuring the amusing and iconic image of Snoopy as a Flying Ace.
sk jewellery x peanuts
Customization 999 Pure Gold Snoopy Bars
If you're looking for a truly unique one-of-a-kind gift or a keepsake, SK Jewellery is elevating that experience to a higher level of personalisation and intimacy with the first ever Customizable Snoopy 999 Pure Gold Bar. Reminisce golden moments by imprinting a heartfelt message along with a photo to freeze time in place on a Gold Bar to commemorate special occasions!
Customers may visit the SK Jewellery website, or any of the jeweler's showrooms to customize 2-gram, 5-grams or 10-gram 999 Gold Bars with names, pictures and personalized messages for an exclusively bespoke present. This extraordinary service is offered for customizable Snoopy 999 Pure Gold Bars, as well as three other customizable Gold Bars for weddings, baby showers, and birthday. The customization process will take about two weeks from start to finish.
Shine Bright with Peanuts Diamond Jewelry
sk jewellery x peanuts
sk jewellery x peanuts
The brilliant bursts of fire and ice reflected off the diamonds inset into the adorable designs of Snoopy white-gold earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces represent vibrancy, vitality, youth, a playful nature and a desire to have fun while retaining a composure of elegance and class.
Fans can take Snoopy and the heartwarming virtues that he stands by whenever and wherever they go. This mesmerizing white-gold collection features an eclectic range of designs from a simplistic pair of Snoopy head ear studs to a bedazzled pendant of Snoopy entirely decked out in diamonds and sporting a rose-gold bowtie. There are also designs with intricate details like a pendant of Snoopy and Woodstock balancing on a thin bar, and the Snoopy Dancing Star pendant which has a brilliant diamond that quivers like a leaf with the slightest movement, allowing the diamond to rock back and forth rapidly, throwing tiny shards of rainbow hued light and enhancing its sparkle.
Be the first in Singapore to own SK Jewellery's 999 Pure Gold SNOOPY Gold Note  for Just $9.90!
In celebration of its first-ever collaboration with Peanuts, SK Jewellery will hold a massive pre-launch roadshow tomorrow and will be rewarding the first 500 Peanuts fans with a stunning collectible 999 Pure Gold Snoopy Gold Note at a special price.
The Snoopy Pre-Launch Sale will be held at VivoCity Central Court Atrium A, Level 1 on 15 December 2017, 11am onwards. Singapore is home to thousands of Peanuts fans, so you may want to head down way earlier to grab a spot for this special deal!
For one day, on 15th December, SK Jewellery will release 500 pieces of 999 Pure Gold Snoopy Gold Note. The first 99 customers will be able to purchase the Gold Note at $9.90 whilst the 100th customer and onwards can purchase at $19.90. The 999 Pure Gold Snoopy Gold Note is slated to be retailed at $69 in stores, so don't miss this special one-time offer. Each customer is only entitled to purchase one Gold Note each. Come early to secure your place to ensure that you are amongst the first in Singapore and one of the 500 lucky customers to take home the collectible 999 Pure Gold SNOOPY Gold Note at a special price.
sk jewellery x peanuts
Complimentary Snoopy plushie pictured on the right
To sweeten the deal, the first 500 lucky customers purchasing the Gold Note will receive a voucher that entitles them to a complimentary Snoopy plushie with any additional purchase from the Peanuts Collection.
sk jewellery x peanuts
999 Pure Gold Snoopy and Woodstock statuette 
SK Jewellery's 999 Pure Gold Snoopy and Woodstock statuette will also be displayed at the Peanuts Collection pre-launch roadshow. This larger-than-life exhibit is painstakingly crafted from hand with 99.9% pure gold and provides testimony to the fine workmanship of SK Jewellery's master craftsmen.
The mammoth structure  is valued at $288,000 and weighs a substantial 3.8kg. It pays homage to Snoopy and his unceasing appetite for adventure and boundless imagination. Dressed up as a Flying Ace in his signature aviator hat and googles, and paired with Woodstock, his ever-faithful companion, they gear up to go on a whirlwind of an adventure.
The pre-launch roadshow will also include interactive trickeye Snoopy art for that perfect Instagram photo opportunity (don't forget to hashtag #skjewelleryxpeanuts). Fans will also be able to preview the rest of the Peanuts collection before it is officially released in all SK Jewellery showrooms island-wide from 20 December 2017 onwards.
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