Declare Your Eternal Love To Your Princess with The Enchanted Rose From Floral Garage Singapore

beauty and the beast rose
Love is a tale as old as time, it is the lifeblood of beautiful fairytales. Every couple leads their own unique real-life version of a fairytale. While your love story may not be beautifully illustrated in a gorgeous leather-bound book, all that magic and whimsical romance of your happily-ever-after can be manifested in a tangible treasure. The Enchanted Rose from Floral Garage Singapore looks like it was plucked out straight from the poignant classic fairytale, Beauty and the Beast, and it is the perfect memento to proclaim the grandeur of your love.
Flowers are nature's way of laughing. They are a thing of absolute splendor and glory, thus, since the dawn of mankind, humans have been collecting them to be displayed or given away as gifts of adoration. Nobody can deny a flower's beauty, but the thing about traditional bouquets is that they are ephemeral. It is absolutely heartwrenching and such a disappointment to see the beauty of your roses rapidly fading day by day as their heads droop lower and they get consumed by rot.
The desire to preserve a flower in the majesty of its full bloom has been manifested in the form of a fairytale-esque contraption. Floral Garage Singapore introduces The Enchanted Rose – a voluminous velvety rose encased in a glass dome, yours at $121.60 for a limited time only.
beauty and the beast rose
beauty and the beast rose
Floral Garage Singapore is the fairy godmother of flowers and bouquets, delivering love, joy and happiness island-wide with its kaleidoscopic array of floral arrangements. From traditional bouquets to boxed flowers, flower stands to hampers, and dried flowers to enchanted roses in bell jars, this faithful florist can make the essence of your love materialize in the form of exquisite floral displays.
Floral Garage Singapore has one of the best customer services you can ever ask for from a florist. They understand that love is spontaneous and exciting, and they endeavor to meet your last minute demands with its same-day delivery system.
The Enchanted Rose arrives in a nondescript cardboard box prettily tied with a baby pink bow. The bell jar and its entire contents is securely sheathed in styrofoam within the box to prevent scratches or breakage. The recipient is sure to fall head over heels in love with The Enchanted Rose upon lying eyes on it.
beauty and the beast rose
beauty and the beast rose
Cascades of crimson red rose petals unfurl from the center of the massive bloom. It is an unbelievably magnificent rose, billowing and luxurious, that speaks of eternal love. The scarlet blossom is poised on its sturdy stem which is studded with thorns that give off a charming symbolism of resilience and strength. Broad emerald-green leaves sprout from the stem and perfectly frame the radiant rose. Loose petals are gently affixed at the base of the plant to give the illusion that they had just recently fluttered down due to the sheer volume of the bloom.
The exquisite rose is protectively sheathed within a crystal-clear bell jar with a black solid wood base. This beautiful masterpiece measures 20cm high and 15cm in diameter. The glass dome can be taken off so that its owner may store little trinkets collected over the course of his/her romance among the fallen petals on its base or decorate the enchanted rose uniquely to his/her style.
As the highest quality roses are used for preserved flowers, only 30-50% of the roses grown commercially meet the stringent quality control standards. Non-toxic, cosmetic grade chemicals are used in the preservation process to retain the rose's fresh and divine appearance.
beauty and the beast rose
beauty and the beast rose
Frozen in time in the height of its full glory, The Enchanted Rose can retain its lovely aesthetics for 10 years or more within its bell jar, and up to a year if its owner chooses to display it without its glass dome. Preserved flowers last longer in low humidity, so it is best to set it by a cool and dry place where there is little exposure to water.
This is the perfect Valentine's gift to bestow upon your loved one for its whimsical presence and the symbolism that you will forevermore still be by his/her side even when the last petal falls after a decade.
Unlike traditional fresh-cut flowers that can only be touted for a few days before they wilt, The Enchanted Rose lives on and on with proper care and maintenance just like any relationship. You can even score some points with the in-laws when your intended displays his/her ruby-red Enchanted Rose as a table piece during the upcoming Chinese New Year festivities.
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