Albion, Paul & Joe and Les Merveillieuses LADUREE Opens New Pop Up Store in Isetan

paul and joe
Japanese women have been the envy of the world, with faces that  never age, skin that never blemishes, and hair that stays put for days thanks to their superb Japanese beauty products.
Over the years, Japanese beauty has been a major player on the global beauty field as they offer excellent and effective beauty products. It is also the birthplace of some of the best skincare and makeup in the whole wide world.
paul and joe
paul and joe
When it comes to reliable cosmetics, Japan continually earns a place in the world’s largest markets. Which is why Isetan, a Japanese department store that is committed to bringing quality brands to local consumers has teamed up with 3 Internationally known Japanese brands to bring a unique Japanese shopping experience to all women.
This collaboration is in line with Isetan’s focus to bring well loved Japanese products of exquisite quality and perfection for local consumers in Singapore who appreciate Japan made products.
The three Japanese brands that will be featured during this pop up are ALBION, Les Merveillieuses LADUREE and Paul & Joe.
Established since 1956, ALBION has grown into a top selling brand in Japan’s Department store. Its iconic product, Skin Conditioner, which has not changed its formula since 1974, has garnered huge followers. In fact, it has been ranked number 1 in Department store in Japan for consecutive 8 years now. The iconic Skin Conditioner has sold more than 3 million bottles since its launch one bottle sold every 5 seconds.
Paul & Joe
Paul and Joe is all about quality of the formula and the attention to its unique packaging. Known for its award winning Foundation Primer that is well loved by Japanese women who value healthy skin and glowing complexion. The award winning PJ Foundation Primer has sold 1 million bottles in 2018 alone and has received multiple awards in Japan since its launch. It is extremely well loved by fans who can’t stop using the Foundation Primer which feels like skincare yet it leaves a light veil on skin that reflects beautiful skin tone and healthy skin texture.
Les Merveillieuses LADUREE
A combination of French concept of beauty with Japanese quality, LM Laduree has gained popularity among ladies who appreciate French femininity and product quality. Its favourite is the Face Color Rose petal pot which enchants ladies around the world and give one’s cheeks a feminine natural rosy glow to brighten up a lady’s smile.
paul and joe
paul and joe
Consumers can now shop for their favourite Japanese skincare and makeup product at this pop-up taking place at Isetan Scotts from now till end September 2019. 

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