Best Flowers to Include in Mother’s Day Baskets

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In many parts of the world, people celebrate Mother’s Day, especially on the second Sunday of May. People from all over the world will give gifts or presents to their mothers on this special day. Presents can come in the form of many things, but nothing beats a classic and rustic basket of flowers to show your love and appreciation for your mother. This is why Mother’s Day is one of the events that make florists quite busy. Even so, you don’t need to worry since there are so many online florists available out there to curate your Mother’s day baskets or mother’s day flowers bouquet.
Sending Mother’s Day flowers is easy, especially with the existence of online florists. But it is still not that easy to choose flowers because there is a huge range of flowers and special bouquets to select from. Even so, with the help of an experienced florist, it will not be a problem. The florist will ask you what kind of arrangement you would like to give to your mother: in a bouquet, in a pot, or in a basket? A Mother’s day basket is not as common as Mother’s Day bouquet, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be a great choice.
One thing you should keep in mind is that the bouquet or the basket should contain the suitable flowers for this occasion, whether from the meaning or the representation of the flowers. The following is the list:
Do you know that Carnations are the Mother’s Day official flowers? Generally, the Carnations express love, but each color of this flower can symbolize other things as well. When light red Carnations represent admiration, the white Carnations represent pure love. The combination of these two colors is actually a great idea since it will able to represent your pure love and admiration to your beloved mother.
Another suitable flower for this special occasion is Lilies! They represent purity and innocence; a perfect representation of your mother’s love.
Mother’s Day baskets of Roses are also a perfect and beautiful gift you can give to your mom. In this case, the pink Roses are the common choice since it represents happiness and gratitude for your mother.
The different colors of Tulips can also represent some different meanings. While red Tulips represent a pure love, the yellow Tulips represent happiness and pink Tulips represent well and good wishes.
Daffodils are also the perfect choice to be included in Mother’s Day baskets. The Daffodils itself represents rebirth, regard, and new beginnings.
However, you can always be creative in choosing the flowers; just make sure if the flowers have a suitable meaning and that your mom will like it. Mothers flower baskets are best to include with other gifts as well, though. Put other sweet little gifts such as chocolate delivery or whatever that you think will be liked by your mom and you will never go far wrong in making her happy on this special day!

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