Paradigm Infinitum Games

Paradigm Infinitum Games is the must-visit shop for gamers of all kinds - miniature war games, role-playing games, miniature models and accessories for games, specialty dice, board games and even related books.

Besides being home to one of the biggest role-playing and miniature war games community in Singapore, it also houses several board games for family bonding and parties as well as supplies them to the few board games cafes here. Its collection includes board games that are harder to find elsewhere such as Settlers of Catan, Carcassonne and Cranium.

FreshGrads recommends card game Saboteur (S$24.90) from Paradigm Infinitum Games whether as a brilliant idea of a last minute gift or simply as a bonding activity for family and friends. 

Saboteur is an extremely engaging card game where players are to guess who the enemies within the group are or risk getting sabotaged from their goal of the grand prize. Players are assigned the role of either a miner or a saboteur depending on the card they draw. The number of saboteurs is also dependent on the number of players. A miner aims to find gold while a saboteur's aim is to deter them till cards run out so as to gain the gold for themselves. Building blocks cards are distributed for miners to work their way - seven cards away - to three possible cards, one of which is where the gold is hidden. Players are also given action cards such as to block another player or to see one of the three cards that may possibly contain the gold.

Throughout the game, players point fingers at suspicious characters in jest - sometimes mistakenly so - and the fun lies in the fact that one one knows for sure who is a saboteur or not. To win, players have to guess who is on which side and work together as a team. Good players tend to disguise themselves well. At the end of several round, the player with the most number of gold wins.

Paradigm Infinitum Games
220 Orchard Road
#03-01 Midpoint Orchard
Singapore 238852

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