Tired of those boring, monotonous office stationery on your desk? Stock your tabletop with kikki.K stationery and look stylish while keeping yourself organised and enjoy the fantastic feeling of being in control and in order.

The first Asian branch of stylish stationery retailer kikki.K - out of more than 40 branches all over the world - is now found at ION Orchard in Scandinavian furnishings of pretty laser cut birch leaf ceiling and elegant timber panelling. kikki.K produces a wide array of functional stationery inspired by its founder Kristina "Kikki" Karlsson's Swedish heritage.


From diaries to calendars to storage boxes and many more, be especially taken by the stationery retailer's playful themes and illustrations. They come in simple and sweet scribbles of clouds and bicycles as well as creative mixture of typography.
of greeting cards, stickers and notebooks.


Although these designer paper goods comes with a price (a fabric box can cost up to $60), they are ideal for office use as well as for personal bookkeeping and some handy scribbling. kikki.K stationery also makes unique gifts for anyone with an interest in quality paper goods and stationery.


For me, just the sight of pretty day-to-day stationery is enough to brighten up a typical day at work and trigger new ideas.  

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