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If you are a nerdy bookworm like I am, you would appreciate OpenTrolley Bookstore – an online bookstore with all the latest titles, the best savings and even a home delivery service.

As shared on its homepage, OpenTrolley’s rates are lower due to their bulk purchase agreements and exclusive deals with publishing houses and distributors. This rate is brought to consumers who can enjoy the discounts without any membership card purchases.

A huge point in OpenTrolley’s favour is its huge collection of bestsellers, comics, business books and many more. Despite its young age (established May 2008), it has more than 1 million US titles in stock.


The bookstore operates like any online store – you pick the books you want, add to your shopping cart and pay by card, PayPal, bank transfer or cheque. Choose from home delivery for convenience or self-collection for further savings.

My favourite service is the care they extend to your beloved books. When packing your book, they ensure that you are given a fresh copy, shrink-wrapped to prevent accidental water exposure and cushioned into boxes to prevent dog-ears.

Right now, there are also discounts: DBS/POSB cardholders enjoys 10% of all books below $25 until 31 May, while Maybank Platinum MasterCard holders receive 7% off storewide plus 5% rebate. All OpenTrolley members are also entitled to free delivery with a minimum of 5 books purchase from now until 30 April.


OpenTrolley Bookstore

Telephone (65) 6747 4570

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