Jipaban, or hokkien for a million, is a new online marketplace for both online retailers and shoppers. The cheery, easily navigable could be likened to Singapore's own Etsy.com.  

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The Editor's Market

Editor's Market
The Editor's Market a shopping paradise that offers shoppers an opportunity to buy clothes in Singapore at wholesale prices.

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Little Dröm Store

Stay away from the hustle and bustle of Orchard Road, pop by 7 Ann Siang Hill and say hello to Little Dröm Store, an independent publisher and shop full of random little knick knacks, pretty photo books, quirky collectibles and handmade goodies among others.

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Protect your Laptops in Style

One of the many investments for those with jobs that require them to be on the move would be a functional, light and good-looking laptop sleeve. After all, you have to carry them around often. FreshGrads recommends two good local brands for the chic worker.

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Chocolate Research Facility

The Chocolate Research Facility is no laboratory but it is sure serious about chocolate.

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