Shopping online has its perks. We need not squeeze with a bunch of sweaty others as well as avoid that ugly dash for a product. We can take our time deciding out loud whether its a good buy, cross check prices online on the spot, and/or even email friends for their opinions. Plus, no more lugging heavy bags on your way home—get your purchases delivered right to your doorstep and just like a present. Topped with these good reasons, three-year-old online shop is a blessing for those of us who hardly have the time to shop after work but would like still like enjoy some retail therapy.

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As they say, birds of the same feathers flock together. Only this time, shoppers of the same feather flock together to make great savings on their purchases. Online discount site Beeconomic is a revolutionary new way to save for us kiasu Singaporeans by tapping on collective buying power.

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OpenTrolley Bookstore


If you are a nerdy bookworm like I am, you would appreciate OpenTrolley Bookstore – an online bookstore with all the latest titles, the best savings and even a home delivery service.

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Tired of those boring, monotonous office stationery on your desk? Stock your tabletop with kikki.K stationery and look stylish while keeping yourself organised and enjoy the fantastic feeling of being in control and in order.

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Sure, a bouquet of flowers is pretty but they are boring and they wilt after a couple of days. Go green instead with a fresh idea - the eco-friendly PAPERUS Bottle Garden by a group of plant enthusiasts that aims to bring aesthetically pleasing yet low maintenance greenery to our tabletops - perfect to rest your eyes with.

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