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If you are a nerdy bookworm like I am, you would appreciate OpenTrolley Bookstore – an online bookstore with all the latest titles, the best savings and even a home delivery service.

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Tired of those boring, monotonous office stationery on your desk? Stock your tabletop with kikki.K stationery and look stylish while keeping yourself organised and enjoy the fantastic feeling of being in control and in order.

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Sure, a bouquet of flowers is pretty but they are boring and they wilt after a couple of days. Go green instead with a fresh idea - the eco-friendly PAPERUS Bottle Garden by a group of plant enthusiasts that aims to bring aesthetically pleasing yet low maintenance greenery to our tabletops - perfect to rest your eyes with.

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Paradigm Infinitum Games

Paradigm Infinitum Games is the must-visit shop for gamers of all kinds - miniature war games, role-playing games, miniature models and accessories for games, specialty dice, board games and even related books.

Besides being home to one of the biggest role-playing and miniature war games community in Singapore, it also houses several board games for family bonding and parties as well as supplies them to the few board games cafes here. Its collection includes board games that are harder to find elsewhere such as Settlers of Catan, Carcassonne and Cranium.

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Loft & Public

Lifestyle concept shop Loft & Public is a little boutique shop tucked up on the second level of a shophouse along Haji Lane as well as a public space dedicated to homegrown artists.

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