By The Branch

 By The Branch 

As By The Branch puts it: "It's all about being embraced in a cosy garden filled with pretty things we adore." The little shop is furnished in mostly French country style and pastel white pieces mostly.

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Photo | Egg3

Erskine Road is full of quirky boutiques selling everything from fashion to food, but the best spot for home accessories is this stylish lifestyle store, Egg3. Situated right at the end of the short lane, it illustrates the point that indeed the best things are kept for last.

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Photo | Flickr izzywibowo

Salad is a refreshing lifestyle concept shop along Haji Lane. It has a simple but sophisticated theme of black and white, and caters to anyone who wants to be labelled modern chic. Located on the first level of an old shop house, it stands out from shops surrounding it which sells mostly fashion. And at the same time, it is a great way to preserve old buildings filling them with stylish modern home accessories.

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