Pufffy: Pin-Sized Cuteness

Pufffy Handmade Badges Minions Despicable Me Singapore
Pufffy specializes in creating exquisite handmade badges exclusive only to them.

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Melisa’s Bears: Baby Animals For Your Taking

Melisa’s Bears: Baby Animals For Your Taking
If you absolutely adore baby animals but do not wish to take on the full responsibility of caring for them for the rest of their lives, you will be completely taken by Melisa’s Bears.

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Romo - Revolutionary Robot

There’s a new robot in town and he goes by the name of Romo. He makes Furby, Poo-chi and other interactive pets look like scrap metal he just pooped out if he could actually poop... which he can’t... but you get my drift.

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ThinkGeek is an online retailer founded in 1999 and based in America. Their merchandises cater to fat, pimply, pizza-eating gamers, hot gamer chicks, losers who spend most of their pay check collecting Star Wars figurines, pompous douchebags, nerds desperately trying to be cool but are going about it the wrong way, your father suffering from a mid-life crisis, your mother going through menopause, your friend’s bratty, spoilt kids, the U.S. President, and basically everybody else.

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Local fashion retailer Joop has been making waves in the wardrobes of office ladies and trendy fashionistas.

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