Have You "Poken"-ed?

More than just a product that helps you keep track of important contact information as well as exchange them easily, Poken is also a great conversation starter that is fast gaining in popularity around the world. The cute little device is a small and handy social business card – just the size of your thumb drive or your bank security device.


How do you use it? Easy!

1. Simply input your name, photo, email and/or other social networking information into your Poken.

2. See someone you want to stay in touch with? Say hi, and ask if they have a Poken. If they do, you'll just have to touch your Poken's together to exchange your information for his or hers. It's instant! And if they do not have a Poken, share with them how handy (and cute) this device is.

3. Once you are home, plug it into your computer's USB port and get connected to your new friends.

You could view their business cards, do a one-click connect to social networks and sync contact details with your email such as Outlook and Apple Mail. What's more, Poken also serves as a memory stick of the contacts of your existing friends, an extra handy tool in this age of digital fickle-mindedness.

Poken comes in various designs, shapes and sizes (as well as prices), but right now there is only one authorised Poken distributor in Singapore – you could purchase them at Poken Island here.

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