Samsung Navibot

Exhausted after a long day at work but no longer able to stand the dirt and dust you have been stepping on at home? Meet the solution: the Samsung Navibot is a cool vacuum cleaning gadget that literally runs on its own, cleaning every part of your floor with its triple brush system. Now, you really have to put your feet up and let your robot do all the cleaning!

The Navibot comes with the "Visionary Mapping System", which allows it to chart the most efficient course of cleaning. It knows where it is going and would not miss a spot or even your pet's hair – ceramic tiles, marble, parquet, laminate and carpet floorings pose no problem for the sturdy machine. Difficult spots such as hard-to-reach spots under the bed or sofa will also no longer be a problem.


For those with expensive fragile objects at home need not worry about the Navibot knocking over them as well. The device is equipped with 38 sensors to automatically avoid your homeware as well as three Cliff Sensors that detect edges to keep away from. What's more, the truly sensitive robot also comes with three anti-tangle sensors that unwind any cords and strands from carpets it gets entangled with.

The downside? It is unable to tackle sharp corners or enter narrow areas due to its round shape and 35.5cm diameter. Nonetheless it is good for most spaces but like all good things, the hefty price at $799 is what would keep most people from getting the handy device. Weigh your options: Rather sweep the floor than spend on an expensive device? Then don't get it. 50-50? Well, perhaps you could get it for mummy dearest on her birthday or for mom's day.

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