Dyson Air Multiplier

Fans are always a welcomed commodity on our sunny little island, but there is rarely one in the market that could perhaps blow the minds of consumers like the Dyson Air Multiplier did.

Compared to traditional fans, the Dyson Air Multiplier produces an uninterrupted stream of smooth air, with no unpleasant buffeting – just as promised on its website.

How does it work? The clever suction mechanism at the base absorbs air of which the impeller draws upward to the hoop. Here,  this air as well as the air it draws from behind the hoop is in turn amplified by up to 15 times, before sending it out smoothly to all in the room.

Hence, in terms of design and air quality, Dyson's model is one that is superior to most traditional fans though many would be deterred by its hefty price tag (USD299 for a 10-inch model) and greater noise emission.


But why this sleek piece of equipment really sells is thanks to its bladeless design. No more irrational fear of blades and blood, or having to keep a watchful eye on the little ones and pets in your home. The Dyson Air Multiplier replaces dangerous blades and hard-to-clean grills with its bladeless hoop design.

Sure, Dyson Air Multiplier is slender, sleek and smooth but is it really worth its price? Some say they are better off buying an air-conditioner but that really depends on how much the bladeless design means to (your family and) you as well as how much you detest the way an air conditioner dehydrates your skin. Or even how much you wish to have this piece of innovation – and conversation starter – in your home or office.

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