Expense Tracker: Spending Lite

Like popular local film by Jack Neo, are you always wondering why money is not enough? A feature-rich yet free expense tracking application might just be the thing to help you solve that mystery.

Employing the basic credit-debit rule, Expense Tracker's Spending Lite helps you to keep track of your expenses and, if you choose to input your income, it shows you the balance amount you have as well. The simple, dummy-proof expense log can also be viewed by day, week, month or year.

Having tried various other expense trackers, Spending Lite emerges to be one of the best for a basic iPhone user like myself. Its clean, frill-less and easily-navigable interface makes inputting each expense a quick and painless process.


What's more, expenses are put into several handy categories like Personal (Hair Dressing, Clothes, Medical, Insurance and Others), Car (Fuel, Parking, Maintenance, Payment), Food (Meal, Cafe, Drink, Restaurant, Groceries), Transportation (Bus, Taxi, Metro, Airfare), Bills (Electricity, Water, Gas, Telephone, Internet, Cable TV) and Education (Tuition, Books, Magazines). All these which will be compiled into cool-looking reports, complete with pie charts and graphs, that further break down and analyse your spending habits – useful for those who often wonder where their money went.

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