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LovingSG_TrailSingapore is not just about shining skyscrapers and manmade landscapes, and you will find out if you would just download the LovingSG Trails apps (for iPhone and Android users)!

Created to lead up to the 2012 National Day Parade, iPhone and Android users may download app NDP On the Go and upload their photos to unlock clues to a next attraction or landmark. Check in at all 10 checkpoints and trail walkers will stand to win prizes too.

A themed trail will be released fortnightly. First up was the Heritage Trail which introduces walkers to war heritage sites and landmarks. Next up would be the Urban Trail which will have visitors noting all iconic buildings in our sunny city. Come early July, the Green Trail will unveil green spaces such as the Punggol Waterfront that even some Singaporeans may not know about. Finally, the much-awaited Food Trail will bring us to Singapore's national dishes.

Whether to get to know your own country a little better, or as a fun convenient way to introduce visiting friends to Singapore, LovingSG Trails is a good way to go.

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