App for Work

App_for_WorkWhether to create the perfect resume, ace that interview, to network, or to create the ideal business card, these apps will help!

Pocket Resume

Create, maintain and even email your resume to prospective companies on the go with Pocket Resume simply by filling in prefixed fields. Take a look at the end result over here at

Interview Buzz Pro

Now that you have scored an interview with a stunning resume, it is time to prepare well for the performance. Interview Buzz Pro is a treasure trove of over 600 essential interview questions and model answers as well as scenarios for various careers. What's more, there are also various helpful tips for interviews including dressing etiquette.


If you have enjoyed the advantages of professional social network Linkedin such as meeting people that matters to your work, you will most definitely like the convenience its app counterpart brings. One can access with his or her online account to check new updates from your contacts, maintain your profile and, of course, check out new networks. Plus, it's free!

Snapdat Digital Business Cards

Create and send virtual business cards with Snapdat Digital Business Cards' five custom logo layouts at no cost – whether by email or sharing with a fellow user. You could add your photo straight from your phone and even design your own template using image software, import it and use it with the app. This is the perfect app for eco-friendly companies too.

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