5 Products Invented By Accident

Like several of you guys out there that were conceived by accident, some of the modern products that you use on a daily basis were created unintentionally as well.
1. Viagra
Viagra was initially created with the purpose to treat angina. I know how that sounds like the female naughty part but angina has completely nothing to do with naughty bits. Angina is a chest pain which is usually caused by the obstruction and spasm of coronary arteries. Viagra used to have a somewhat purposeful function until someone discovered that it makes a man into a sex god for hours, which led to this pill being knighted by the queen.
2. Sticky Notes
Until someone came up with the idea to apply the special sticky stuff that does not rub off to the backs of paper, it was originally invented with the intention of creating a super strong adhesive for building planes in the aerospace industry. Sure, an aeroplane made out of parts that come apart as easily as puzzle pieces sounds so totally safe!
3. Stainless Steel
I prefer my cutlery to be in sterling silver, not stainless steel. But not everyone is born as glamorous as me. English metallurgist, Harry Brearli, tried to create a fusion of stainless steel for weapon manufacturing which people found to be of all-purpose as a stainless steel spoon does not taste like rust.
4. Listerine
Listerine was invented more than 130 years ago and was originally used as a surgical antiseptic and a cure for gonorrhoea. Listen up all you promiscuous people out there, fret not when you find yourself with a case of gonorrhoea! With this new tidbit of information provided with the courtesy of moi, you don’t have to risk embarrassment by going to the doctors’, you can now self medicate at home with your bottle of mouthwash.
5. Superglue
My father has been head over heels in love with this product for as long as I can remember. Broken toys? Superglue to the rescue! Shoe’s sole opens up? Superglue to the rescue! Cracked vase? Superglue to the rescue! Torn strap on backpack? Superglue to the rescue! Canes snapped into pieces by naughty children? Buy a bunch of canes from the convenient store located at the ground floor of the HDB block and proceed to whip the children senseless for snapping the former bunch of canes!
An American physicist invented superglue in an attempt to make clear plastic gun sights to be placed on guns used by allied soldiers in WWII.
Question: What’s the difference between these accidental creations and some people?
Answer: Unlike some people, I’m pretty sure that the accidental creations were not regretted by their creators as they actually proved to be useful.
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Information Source: The Chive
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