Quantum Teleportation: Breakthrough of The Future

Quantum Teleportation theory
Teleportation may soon be made possible in the real-world other than science-fiction movies. Two recent research experiments that involve a photon and a super-conducting circuit have successfully demonstrated the teleportation of quantum bits.
Physicist Andreas Wallraff and his team of the Quantum Device Lab at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich and another team based at the University of Tokyo were able to reliably teleport quantum states from one place to another.
Scientists and researchers have always been trying to invent teleportation but have failed. This time round though, a new complementary research of teleportation of quantum bits and its theory have emerged which proves reliable and may have widespread applications in computing and cryptography.
"People automatically think about Star Trek when they hear teleportation," says Wallraff. "In Star Trek, it's the idea of moving people from point A to B without having the person travel that distance. They disappear and then reappear."
Teleportation for quantum bits works a little bit differently. The bits don’t actually disappear, it is just the information that does.
"That's where the relation to Star Trek comes in," Wallraff explains. "You can make the information disappear and then reappear at another point in space."
So while we are still not able to beam Spock from one place to another place, our computers bring us one big step of allowing some smarty pants scientist to figure out how. 
Read more of the article here where it can explain the extremely confusing quantum teleportation theory better than I can.
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