Apple Watch to Launch in Singapore on 26 June 2015

apple watch
The much talked about Apple watch is finally hitting stores in Singapore starting from 26 June 2015. The smartwatch will be available for purchase from Apple's website, official Apple stores, and selected authorized Apple resellers.
Upon launch, Malmaison by The Hour Glass will carry the more luxurious editions including the 18k gold cases that cost above $10,000.
The first version of Apple's smartwatch that was first released in the U.S. has gotten mixed reviews. CNet calls it a “fashionable toy than a necessary tool.” while The Verge praised its form but not its performance, and the Wall Street Journel deemed it a device for pioneers but not the masses.
Whether the smartwatch's performance is on par with its hefty pricetags, you'll just have to make a trip down come this 26 June to test it out for yourself. Nonetheless, one has to admit that the design of the watch is sleek and sophisticated, or simply put, “sibei chio”.
Information Source: Tech In Asia

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