Nintendo Announces 3DS

The popularity of 3D films like Avatar and Alice in Wonderland caused a wave not only in the film industry but they have also shown the way to opportunities ripe for pickings in the video games sector.

Nintendo has announced that they plan to release their next generation of the immensely popular DS handheld video game console, tentatively named the 3DS, within a year. The new console with an auto-stereo display – meaning that special glasses are not required - will be unveiled at the Los Angeles E3 tradeshow in June. This fifth generation console by Nintendo will be compatible to older DS and DSi handheld models.

More than 125 million units of the DS have been sold worldwide since it was launched in 2006. The DS has outsold competitor Sony's PlayStation Portable more than two times over. The leader in the video games market is also behind ground-breaking motion-detecting remote controller, Wii.

Other players in the 3-D market includes Japanese manufacturer Hitachi which released a 3-D cellphone last year that does not require the special glasses and Sony, which has recently announced its intention to come up with 3-D television sets, also said that games for its PlayStation 3 will be available in 3-D.

And if all goes well this time – after several false starts in the 3-D market – gamers are in for an exciting visual feast, literally thrown into an entirely different world of fun.

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