iPhone OS 4 Unveiled

Shortly after the hype with bigger-sized iPad, Apple unveils the iPhone OS 4. The latest generation of the iPhone will have several notable new features including multitasking, Game Center, enhanced Mail, remote device management Enterprise, iBooks, App folders, tap to focus when recording video and photos, a 5x digital zoom for the camera and more.

One of the new features users will be especially excited about will, of course, be the multi-tasking function - ironically one of the expected features of the iPad. Multitasking services which allow you to perform other tasks without draining battery life and performance include background audio (listen to songs while using other apps), voice over IP (receive calls without getting signed out of your game), fast app switching and more.


Another feature that is much anticipated will be the Game Center, a social gaming network for the iPhone, very much like the Xbox Live. The Game Center allows users to invite friends or even random players for multiplayer games. It includes a friend system, achievements and leaderboards.

Lastly, with iAd, Apple hopes to keep more "free apps free". While multitasking isn't entirely new to smart mobile devices, advertising is. On one hand, more apps may become free due to advertising revenue but on the other hand, this also means that users' apps may be plastered with "interactive" ads now (of which Apple retains 40 per cent of the advertising revenue). Which is the less of two evils? You decide.

Just three years ago, the first generation iPhone was released and by 2009, more than 33 million iPhones were sold. It was also named the Invention of the Year by TIME magazine in 2007. And now, with the improved iPhone OS 4, would Apple prove an even more formidable rival in the mobile device industry.

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