Imagine the benefits of getting your way through great volumes of boring work documents and stacks of research papers quickly. Spreeder is a free online software which helps you to increase the speed which you read without decreasing comprehension or retention.

It is pretty straight forward. You can set and gradually increase the speed that one word appears in a box at a time for you to read, and slowly but surely improving your speed reading skills. Alternatively, you may set it so that chunks of words appear at once instead of a word at a time.


What's better: No time to finish reading that 100 page essay that you absolutely have to complete? Copy and paste that text into Spreeder's text box, and the software will extract key points from the article for your easy reading by checking the "Skip over stopwords" option under advanced settings.

You can copy and paste the text you wish to speed read directly to the application on the Spreeder website. Or you may simply copy selected text you want to speed read and click on Spreeder's bookmarklet link, "Spreed!". Just drag the "Spreed!" link, which is also found on the Spreeder's website, to your browser's bookmark toolbar for easy usage.

What are you waiting for? Improve the rate of words that you read at a time and save yourself much time with the text from this article now!

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