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Unclear of your career path? Think your future looks murky? Or you can't choose between a job you would be passionate about and one that earns you big bucks? Fret not. Once again, the octopus is here to save the day. And conveniently in the form of an iPhone app too.

Paul the Octopus, born in England and living in Germany, is a common octopus – ironically considered the most intelligent of its species – that became internationally recognised for his oracle skills in predicting eight out of eight of the World Cup 2010 matches right.

Now, riding on the success of Paul, uTouchLabs has developed the "Ask the Octopus" app which is available at the App Store for $0.99. The app is simple and clean with cartoonish graphics complete with soothing ocean sound effects. Users type in their dilemmas, the octopus focuses for a quick moment before it descends down to the box of its choice.


There are no settings or change of graphics. The app is also not based on any logical premise and hence not to be taken seriously. In all, if you were a great fan of Mr Paul or wouldn't mind paying USD0.99 to amuse your friends and yourself, you might enjoy this app. Otherwise, the old school method of flipping the coin would do just fine.

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