Days to Pay

DaysToPayCan't ignore your heart's desire for that Jimmy Choo heels but feeling guilty about spending a third of your salary on a "want" and not a "need"? Online calculating tool helps one gauge the real damage of our purchase.

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Jog.fmLove jogging but dislike how mundane it gets after some time or distance? With, you may find music that would best accompany you as you exercise!

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Caring and Sharing

Caring_and_SharingBe it for work or for private matters, we all – at some point of time – have to send an email attachment that is beyond our free email account's or our server's capacity. This list of four of the web's best file-sharing services will prove itself handy.

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App for Travelling

App_for_TravellingWhy add weight to your bag by lugging along those thick, cumbersome guidebooks or phrasebooks when these nifty free apps will be all you need for the travel?

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The Lure of Gadgetry

The world we live in is such an exciting and eye-dazzling place these days. What with all the myriad of shiny, newfangled gadgets, itsy-bitsy portable music players, high-tech smart phones and the sleek looking personal tablets. Each iteration comes out shinier than the next, with a shorter product life cycle and more bells and whistles to compete for our attentions and our wallets.

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