Have You "Poken"-ed?

More than just a product that helps you keep track of important contact information as well as exchange them easily, Poken is also a great conversation starter that is fast gaining in popularity around the world. The cute little device is a small and handy social business card – just the size of your thumb drive or your bank security device.

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Ask the Octopus App

Unclear of your career path? Think your future looks murky? Or you can't choose between a job you would be passionate about and one that earns you big bucks? Fret not. Once again, the octopus is here to save the day. And conveniently in the form of an iPhone app too.

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Watch World Cup 2010 Online

For the principled people who refuse to succumb to higher World Cup subscription rates: Just so that you may still keep yourself updated with the games, here are some good online soccer sites.

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iRig hardware and AmpliTube app for the iPhone

IK Multimedia launched their iRig hardware and AmpliTube app for the iPhone and iPod touch in UK last week. Crammed with many amps and functions, the small guitar amplifier promises to bring much convenience and interesting results to musicians.

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Imagine the benefits of getting your way through great volumes of boring work documents and stacks of research papers quickly. Spreeder is a free online software which helps you to increase the speed which you read without decreasing comprehension or retention.

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