The Never-Ending Cruise: Cruise Ship where Residents Permanently Live as it Travels the World

the world cruise ship
Cruises aren’t really my sort of thing. The thought of being stuck on a ship for hours on end fills me with boredom and makes me kind of claustrophobic. However, there is a cruise ship that I don’t mind getting on; and that is The World. The World has continuously circumnavigated the globe since its launch in 2002, and residents on board who permanently live in it have the luxury of waking up in a new destination every few days. If that is not living the high life, I don’t know what is.
the world cruise ship
Think of it as a condominium in the ocean that magically transports its permanent passengers to exotic places all around the world. This year’s itinerary promises to take its residents from the scenic Canary Islands, to the warm, sandy beaches of the Caribbean, weaving down the Panama Canal to South America’s breathtaking west coast. Followed by an island-hop across the Pacific to New Zealand where the lucky travellers are able to explore the secrets of Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands on an expert-led expedition. And that’s not just it! The World will be making multiple stops in beautiful regions of Asia. Another unique expedition is scheduled after that, this time in the wildlife-filled Sea of Okhotsk. And last but not least, the year 2014 will be wrapped up with The World’s residents visiting not just South Korea, but the very enigmatic North Korea too.
the world cruise ship
Travel Itinerary for 2014
This globe-trekking luxury condominium measures 196 meters long and has 165 residences (106 apartments, 19 studio apartments, and 40 studios). There is even a deli and supermarket on board for its residents to buy groceries from, and 6 restaurants should its residents feel like “dining out”. For relaxation and recreation, residents can visit its massage parlour, gym, golf course, bars, cigar club, library, yacht club, and swimming pools.
Residents can even invite their friends and family members to join them on their world travels too! Invitations to visit on board come in the form of leather luggage tags nestled in an ornate box delivered by courier.
the world cruise ship
The best part about living in The World is that its residents can globe-trot without leaving the comfort of their homes. No more hassle of packing and unpacking, looking for hotels that are not already fully booked, missing flights, and spending long durations sitting upright in an uncomfortable plane seat. Of course, this luxury is only reserved for the filthy rich who do not have to commute to work daily and have nary a concern except for enjoying themselves.
Even though this kind of living is super unrealistic for most people, you have to admit that the concept of it is pretty cool and dream-worthy. Perhaps next time in the future, they will have more reasonably-priced travelling real-estates catered to the everyday man.
Check out The World’s Residence Types:
1. Studios
the world cruise ship
“Studio Residences aboard The World are designed with soothing neutral tones and a classic contemporary décor to make anyone feel a sense of comfort and tranquility. Private verandahs complete the picture, offering awe-inspiring views of the sea and the many destinations along The World’s infinite course.”
2. Studio Apartments - 1BR/2BR
the world cruise ship
“Both our One- and Two-Bedroom Studio Apartments combine the intimacy of a studio with the comfort and convenience of en-suite bathrooms and a separate lounge/kitchenette area and living space. Views can be enjoyed from two or three separate verandahs, depending on the apartment layout you choose.”
3. Two Bedroom Apartments
the world cruise ship
“Designed in a variety of layouts, The World’s Two-Bedroom Residences truly feel like home, with full-size kitchens in most apartments, spacious living and dining areas, en-suite bathrooms in both the master and guest bedrooms, and ample verandah space.”
4. Three Bedroom Apartments
the world cruise ship
“All who enter The World’s Three-Bedroom Residences are welcomed in an inviting foyer. Equipped with full-sized kitchens, filled with premium appliances, three full bathrooms, and generous living and verandah space, these Residences offer abundant comfort and luxury.”
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Information Source: Aboard The World

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