King of The Skies: SIA's Singapore Suites Ranked Number One In The World

SIA First Class
Almost everyone in Singapore knows that SIA (Singapore Airlines) is one of the world's top airlines, third on the list in 2014 to be exact. If not how are they supposed to justify their sky-high ticket prices? Recently, SIA has managed to clinch another title for their world class services. SIA's Singapore Suits was crowned king of the skies by crowd sourcing travel website Flightfox which devised a comprehensive list of the 24 best First Class in-flight cabins from around the world.
To produce the list, Flightfox painstakingly took into account everything from seat configuration, aisle access, suite privacy to the quality of champagne served, whether pyjamas are provided and how caviar is plated. So rest assure the list is legit as they left no stone unturned.
SIA First Class
1st Place: A guest inspecting a double bed in SIA's first class suite on an Airbus A380
Do not confuse Singapore Suits with Singapore's First Class tickets as the two are of different levels of luxury, with the former being way beyond the clouds of opulence and the latter being a slightly lower rate of extravagance. SIA's First Class is also included in the list at number 10.
The cheapest price for a one-way ticket with SIA in their Singapore suite will set you back $4,230 for a flight from Singapore to Mumbai. For that amount, you will be served Dom Pérignon, provided with pyjamas to sleep in and sit on an spacious armchair hand-stitched by Italian craftsmen - their most leg room friendly design to date. If that is not enough for you and you still have enough cash to burn, you can opt for the royal treatment in Singapore Suites where there is a double bed option.
Cathay Pacific first class
2nd Place: Cathay Pacific cabin crew serves you Krug Grand Cuvée champagne, provide pyjamas to sleep in and cook your eggs just how you like them
Coming in second place is Hong Kong airline Cathay Pacific. Their cheapest first class ticket is comparatively lower than that of Singapore Suites', costing just $906. However, that price will only be available if you flew from Hong Kong to Taiwan. Cathay Pacific serve Krug Grand Cuvée champagne, an a la carte menu and freshly steamed rice, toast and eggs cooked to your personal preference.
Emirates first class
3rd Place: Emirates provide an onflight bar, pyjamas, limousine services and Dom Pérignon champagne 
Emirates First Class Suites brought home Bronze. You will get pyjamas, a hired limousine, an in-flight shower, an onboard bar, caviar and Dom Pérignon champagne for flying with them. Their cheapest first class ticket takes you from Auckland to Brisbane for $1050.
Here is the complete list of the 24 best First Class in-flight cabins compiled by Flightfox:
1. Singapore Suites
2. Cathay Pacific First Class Suites
3. Emirates First Class Suites
4. Etihad Diamond First
5. Lufthansa First Class
6. Oman Air First Class
7. Qatar First Class
8. Asiana First Class Suite
9. ANA First Square
10. Singapore First Class
11. JAL Suite
12. Air France La Premiere
13. Thai Royal First
14. Emirates First Class
15. Qantas First Suites
16. Swiss First
17. Garuda New First Class
18. Korean Air Kosmo Suite
19. Air China Forbidden Pavilion
20. Transaero Imperial Class
21. Malaysia First Class
22. British Airways First Class
23. American Airlines Flagship
24. United Airlines Global First
Lufthansa First Class
5th Place: Lufthansa First Class ticket is expensive but they scored 5 stars for maximum leg room and seat comfort
Oman Air first class
6th Place: Oman Air's champagne of choice is Taittinger Comtes
Japan Airlines first class
11th Place: Japan Airlines sleeping pod gives you privacy while you sleep
Air France first class
12th Place: Air France was awarded 4 stars for seat comfort but only 3 stars for its food, comes along with Taitting Comtes champagne
Swiss International Airlines first class
16th Place: Swiss International Airlines
Garuda Indonesia first class
17th Place: Garuda Indonesia's first class booths are compact but still comfortable with your own private chef, caviar, and Billecart Salmon Brut Rose champagne.
Korean Air first class
18th Place: Korean Air's Kosmo suite serves Laurent-Perrier Alexandra Rose 1998 champagne and scored three stars for food and wine
British Airways first class
22nd Place: British Airways serve an a la carte menu followed by a cheese board and fine chocolate
American Airlines first class
23rd Place: American Airlines First Class does not seem as luxurious compared to the rest but at least you will get a better night's sleep than flying coach
Information Source: Daily Mail

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