There's an Ongoing Contest to Win a One Night Stay in the Eiffel Tower

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Close to 7 million visitors flock to the Eiffel Tower a year, and it is definitely considered a luxury if you can afford to stay in a hotel with this famous Parisian landmark illuminating the night sky from your window. But the height of luxury would be staying in the Eiffel Tower itself, and this is how you can spend a night there without having to spend a single cent.
HomeAway, a vacation rental service, is holding an international competition for a chance to spend a night in Paris' towering iron contraption as part of its sponsorship of this summer's UEFA Euro cup.
Contestants would simply have to use 140 characters or less in describing how they would spend their night in the Eiffel Tower apartment.
Throughout the month of June, four winners with five guests each will be provided with round-trip airfare, an exclusive night in the Tower, and three additional nights in one of HomeAway's Paris vacation rentals.
The company claims that the winners will be the first to sleep inside the Eiffel Tower in all its 129 years of history. Though Gustave Eiffel constructed the tower more than a century ago with a private apartment at its pinnacle, guests will be staying in a different part of the structure. A bedroom and living space will be set up on the tower's first floor just for the contest, and the winners will enjoy a complimentary dinner and breakfast on site.
HomeAway CEO Brian Sharples said that he was initially taken aback when his marketing team presented the bold idea proposal to him, billing it as a splashy way for the company to spread the word about its sponsorship of the games.
The seemingly impossible idea must have equally shocked the city of Paris when HomeAway employees, upon receiving Sharples' blessing decided to give it a shot and broached the proposal with the French capital's authorities.
"It was a very, very long process," Sharples said. "I can only imagine what it takes to convince the city of Paris to do that."
Who would have imagined that the city would have agreed to the crazy idea? Paris apparently decided that the competition would be a great way to boost tourism.
There is nothing to lose, and everything to gain by taking part in the contest here. The winners will be announced on 10th June via email and/or a phone call, so spread the word among your friends to increase your chances of winning this vacation of a life time!
Source: Mashable

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