There is a BrewDog Craft Beer Boutique Hotel Opening with A Beer Tap in Every Room

brewdog hotel
BrewDog recently rolled out with a crowdfunding project to raise funds for the world's first craft beer hotel,  giving hopheads everywhere a major beergasm.
Beer aficionados are gleefully blowing their load over The DogHouse – a US$7.3 million hotel in Columbus, Ohio with an all-new, state-of-the-art sour beer facility on site. The beer-centric hotel will feature a craft beer spa with beer-based treatments, beer-infused meals, beer taps in every room, a beer fridge in the shower and a hot tub filled with BrewDog Punk IPA beer, the brewery's flagship beer!
brewdog hotel
BrewDog is allowing their fans to get involved with their new undertaking by raising part of the hotel costs through IndieGoGo. The goal is to raise US$75,000 within 30 days from the launch of the project. At the point of this article, they have far surpassed that goal, raising a whooping $225,000 with less than 10 more days to go.
The more backers pledge to the cause, the more premium their rewards are. The lowest tier is a $25 pledge which will grant backers a VIP tasting and tour for two at BrewDog's new brewery in Columbus, Ohio. Most of the backers pledge $150 for a one night stay for two pax in the hotel upon completion (worth $250), which includes a beer breakfast for the two guests and 10% off room costs for any subsequent nights.
brewdog hotel
Other rewards feature other variations of the hotel stay, limited edition T-shirts, unlimited Punk IPA on tap, bottles of sour beers, an inscription of the backer's name on the bar, exclusive invitations to the launch event, a mini-fridge stocked with Punk IPA, beer spa treatments, a hot tub filled to the brim and sloshing around with Punk IPA, and designing your own exclusive barrel of beer.
For $30,000 you get to book out the ENTIRE HOTEL with all its 50 rooms for a wedding, birthday party, corporate getaway or any other kind of event for a night that includes a complete beery breakfast plus dinner or lunch for your entire party, and exclusive access to all of the conference suites and meeting rooms.
brewdog hotel
“Beer geeks around the world have been crying out for a beer hotel since we first floated the idea on social media, so we’re going to kick-start the most ambitious project we’ve ever planned, all with the backing of our global community of beer fans,” said BrewDog co-founder and CEO, James Watt.
The DogHouse is set to open by the end of September 2018. BrewDog also wants to open a hotel in Scotland, but the plans have stalled because of a disagreement with Aberdeenshire Council over the value of a plot of land, according to Scottish broadcaster STV.
brewdog hotel
Can the next BrewDog hotel be opened in Singapore, please?

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